Software Development

Omega Systems Group is firmly committed to OpenSource Development although we are willing and able to collaborate with proprietary and commercial products.

Omega’s consultants are proficient at a number of SDLC processes including the Enterprise Unified Process, and Business Process Re-engineering. Omega’s preferred methodology is the Enterprise Unified Process. UML is our preferred modelling language.   The business models are then paired with a development tool set that is suitable and cost effective for the business.  The “Omega Approach” is geared towards optimizing a defined and managed Software Development process.  Key Process Areas include:

  1. Process Change Management
  2. Technology Change Management
  3. Defect Prevention
  4. Software Quality Management
  5. Quantitative Process Management
  6. Process Focus
  7. Process Definition
  8. Training
  9. Project Planning
  10. Project Tracking and Oversight
  11. Subcontract Management
  12. Requirements Management
  13. Peer Reviews
  14. Software Quality Assurance
  15. Configuration Management
  16. Traceability

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