How we can help your business.

IT Integration

Integration of often disparate systems is an ongoing challenge and yet a necessity in today’s world. Omega Systems Group provides insight and experience in this arena with a special focus on healthcare and our flagship product, MedSov.

Marketing & Communications

Our affiliate company HWO is a Creative Design Agency focused on delivering premium work through strategy, creative and production services.

Software Development

Omega Systems Group is firmly committed to OpenSource Development although we are willing and able to collaborate with proprietary and commercial products.

Project Management

Omega also offers Project Management services for clients who have already committed to a technology but require assistance in realizing its potential.

IT Healthcare: MedSov

It is no secret that Healthcare is a fast growing industry. With the era of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and a combination of an aging population, shortages of medical personnel and increasing demand for healthcare.


Omega will identify and acquire Open Source products applicable to our clients’ requirements. This allows us to provide low cost solutions that are nonetheless as effective and comprehensive as commercial, proprietary products.

OpenEMR Support Provider

Omega, as a Certified OpenEMR Professional Support Provider, is positioned to install, configure and customize OpenEMR to match our clients' specific requirements..

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