About Omega Systems Group

The Right People.

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The Right Solutions.

Since its inception in 1989, Omega Systems Group has been providing cutting-edge solutions to government agencies and mid to large size corporations, in the areas of Business Management Solutions, Project Based Consulting, Talent Acquisition and Training. We are a successful, proven, and stable company that specializes in the design and development of business information systems. Our focus is on helping companies become more efficient through Process Engineering, Customized Software, E-Commerce Solutions, and Web Applications. We have successfully delivered a variety of projects, ranging from Business Process Re-engineering and Improvement to Project Based Consulting, resulting in improved overall productivity and bottom-line profits for our clients.

Our Standards

Omega Systems Group adheres to a business process that is client-centric, humanistic and real-world tested. It examines the whole organization, treating your organization as more than the sum of its parts. It recognizes that quality and productivity are, and will always remain, first and foremost a matter of human action.

It is our view that the primary cause of failure in BPR and TQM initiatives is not technical but cultural and political. To bring about lasting positive change in an organization’s operational capacity requires diplomacy and education, in a word – statesmanship - not only technical skills. It is an art as well as a science.

Management buy-in is crucial, as is well known, but employees must be brought on board as well, convinced that the process changes will benefit them both professionally and personally.

The Omega Approach

Omega Systems Group is able to deliver superior quality information technology solutions through its Omega Approach to development and project management. The Omega Approach is a systematic approach to application and systems development that combines a group of templates; business process, business application, project management, and information architectures. These templates are moulded to the needs of each individual business, then combined with a standard development methodology to produce business models. The business model is then paired with a development tool-set that is suitable and cost effective for your business.

What is the Omega Approach?

Put succinctly, The Omega Approach is a Body of Knowledge (BoK) based on many years of experience in Information Technology and BPR. It is an integration of multiple existing methodologies. It is a framework for business process analysis and development which informs and provides consistency for Omega Systems Group’s consulting, outsourcing and internal processes. It can support a Distributed Software Factory (DSF) employing Model Driven Architecture (MDA) and Model Driven Generation (MDG) technology.

The “Omega Approach” is committed to using Software Best Practices in the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) including:

  1. Iterative Development
  2. Requirements Management
  3. Architecture of Components
  4. Use and Re-use of Components
  5. Business Modeling
  6. Systems Modeling
  7. Product Quality Control
  8. Process Quality Control
  9. Configuration and Change Management
  10. Process Configuration
  11. Tools Support

The Omega Result

In a word – success. Success means greater efficiency and productivity, lower Total Cost of Ownership and Return on Investment, higher levels of product and service quality, better operational oversight as well as greater job satisfaction for line workers, an all important but much overlooked aspect of any attempt to improve business processes.

  • Streamline Business Processes
  • Improve Productivity
  • Increased Bottom-line Profits

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