The Right People.
The Right Ideas.
The Right Solutions.

Omega Systems Group is an IT Consulting & Development firm serving Midsize and Large Corporations and Government Institutions. We also offer outsourcing services aimed at lowering Total Cost of Ownership. We are a full stack development company specializing in Open Source adaptation focused on OpenEMR 6.0 and our own Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Practice Management Software; MedSov, powered by OpenEMR. MedSov has also been adapted to serve low-income markets in Africa and the Caribbean.

Over the past several years, our stack has evolved to meet the demands of our channel partners. From professional development services to IT management, our clients have trusted us to deliver an easy-to-engage process, layered with subject-matter expertise that is both cost-effective and efficient. We remain steadfast in our channel-exclusive, vendor agnostic business model, enabling our partners to reach their customers in several countries.

A business process that is client-centric, humanistic and real-world tested.
We deliver superior quality information technology solutions.
In a word – success.

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