Project Management

Omega also offers Project Management services for clients who have already committed to a technology but require assistance in realizing its potential.

Omega’s Project Managers are adept at balancing objectives, overcoming constraints, and managing risk in a project.  They work with the client to ensure that a product is delivered that meets the needs of the client and the end users.  Omega’s Project Managers are responsible for ensuring: 

  1. Tailoring the SDLC Process to the needs of the client and the project
  2. Adherence to SDLC Process
  3. Development of guidelines for planning and staffing
  4. Development of Risk Management Plans
  5. Managing, hiring, training, and coaching staff
  6. Managing the budget
  7. Managing contracts with suppliers
  8. Planning an iterative project 
  9. Monitoring the progress of iterations and the project as a whole

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